Integrity, Experience, Dedication.

Wielding a sledgehammer against the glass ceiling and business inefficiencies since 2007.
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What we believe in
Business System Consultants partners with high-achieving employers to make visible - and break through - the barriers to success, to develop strategic solutions to problems, to increase process efficiency, and to deliver quality solutions and services on time to our clients.


Who we are

Business System Consultants is a Michigan-based, community-minded company and collection of professionals dedicated to strengthening businesses, improving opportunities for minority-owned ventures, bettering the communities in which we live and work, and maintaining an excellent industry reputation for on-time delivery, precision, and integrity.

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What we do

Business System Consultants has the resources, experience, and expertise to manage the full lifecycle of your project.  Our services are tailored to deliver high-quality products and services, based upon decades of working with clients in Manufacturing, Information Technology and Business Management.  

We provide process and system analysis; engineering or re-engineering solutions; new product and system development; supply-chain procurement and contract management; and policy and procedure manual definition.

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